Meridian Tulip 5’s Passport RM500


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How to purchase this monthly Passport?
Just pay RM500 you get 500 member point.
These points can be used to pay for any treatment during operating hours, and the Happy Hour menu from 10am to 2pm and Normal rates from 2pm to 12am are applicable for point redemption.
What is Tulip 5’s?
As a member, you can also take advantage of the Tulip 5’s monthly redemption program, which allows you to redeem treatments at a special rate once per month. The following treatments can be redeemed at the listed rates:
– 60mins Foot massage for RM38 (Normal Price RM83)
– 60mins Full Body Relaxing Aroma for RM48 (Normal Price RM103)
– 60mins Full Body Deep Tissue treatment for RM58 (Normal Price RM128)
– 60mins Full Body Therapeutic treatment for RM48 (Normal Price RM103)
– 60mins Full Body Muscle Energy Enhancement for RM58(Normal Price RM128)

购买每月通行证非常简单,只需支付RM500即可获得500个会员积分。这些积分可用于支付我们营业时间内的任何护理项目。 Happy Hour时段为上午10点至下午2点,普通费率适用于下午2点至晚上12点的积分兑换。

Tulip 5是一个专为会员提供的每月兑换计划。作为会员,您可以利用这个计划享受每月一次的特殊费率,享受特定护理项目的特价优惠。以下是可用于兑换的护理项目及其相应的费率:

– 60分钟足底按摩,售价RM38(原价RM83)
– 60分钟全身放松香薰护理,售价RM48(原价RM103)
– 60分钟全身深层组织护理,售价RM58(原价RM128)
– 60分钟全身疗愈护理,售价RM48(原价RM103)
– 60分钟全身肌肉能量增强护理,售价RM58(原价RM128)



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