Meridian Boundiful RM630 10Hour Foot Massage


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Each 60mins / hour only cost you RM63 !
Claim your *Flexi Upgrade Pass* Worth RM200 as our gift to the first 100 early birds who sign up!
Buy now *Boundiful RM630* and get 10 Hour Traditional Foot Massage.
Just pay RM630 you get 10 hour ( 10*60mins ) Foot Massage.
Each 60mins / hour only cost you RM63 !
These purchase can be redeem 60mins Traditional Foot Massage each treatment during operating hours, daily 10am to 12am.
As a *Boundiful 10set package* promo purchaser, you can also take advantage to upgrade *Flexi Upgrade* your Foot Massage Treatment to Our  Full Body Treatment from as low as RM25 to RM35.

Each 60mins / hour only cost you RM63 !

Enjoy great saving with the Flexi Upgrade.
Top up RM25 ( Saving RM15 )
Upgrade to
– 60mins Full Body Therapeutic treatment for RM88 (Normal Price RM103)
– 60mins Full Body Relaxing Aroma for RM88 (Normal Price RM103)
Top up RM35 ( Saving RM30 )
Upgrade to
– 60mins Full Body Deep Tissue treatment for RM98 (Normal Price RM128)
– 60mins Full Body Muscle Energy Enhancement for RM98 (Normal Price RM128)
Special Add On Offer:  a) RM38 for 30mins treatment / b) RM38 Neck & Shoulder 30mins
Contact our team 016 338 3030 to find out more about Great Saving – ( Amazing 20set pacakge ) ( Boundiful 10set package) & ( ( Cherish 6set package)
如何购买珍惜RM630 10小时传统足部按摩?

只需支付RM630,即可享受10小时(10*60分钟)的足部按摩。 每60分钟/小时仅需RM63! 这些购买可在营业时间内兑换60分钟的传统足部按摩,每日上午10点至凌晨12点。

作为 Boundiful 10set 促销的购买者,您还可以享受将您的足部按摩疗程升级为我们的全身疗程,价格从RM25至RM35不等。

升级 Flexi Upgrade

Top up RM25(节省RM15)

  • 60分钟全身治疗,售价RM88(正常价格RM103)
  • 60分钟全身放松香薰,售价RM88(正常价格RM103)

升级 Flexi Upgrade

Top up RM35(节省RM30)

  • 60分钟全身深层组织治疗,售价RM98(正常价格RM128)
  • 60分钟全身肌肉能量增强,售价RM98(正常价格RM128)

特别Add On 优惠:a)RM38 = 30分钟疗程/  b)RM38 = 颈部和肩部30分钟

联系我们的团队016 338 3030,了解更多有关超值优惠的详情 – (Amazing 20 配套)、(Boudiful10 配套)和(Cherish6 配套)。


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